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Daaf Borren

Daaf Borren is an Africa journalist and founder of The Bright Continent. Aside from his work as editor-in-chief for this platform, he works freelance for a wide range of media and writes a book for Pluim Publishing House.

Chris Mukasa

Chris Mukasa is the founder of Fatuma’s Voice, an organization that encourages expression by creating safe spaces for people to speak about social issues, using art, poetry, music, debates and theatre.

Etinosa Osayimwen

Etinosa Osayimwen is an award-winning photographer, living in Nigeria. She is passionate about the plight of people living in rural and undeserved communities as they are visibly neglected and forgotten.

Frederik Rutgers is a communications specialist, who is determined to fulfil a significant role in our globalizing society. For The Bright Continent, he will deal with global communications.

Enyo Bruku

Ruben Hazelzet

Ruben Hazelzet is a Creative Director and Social Entreprepreneur. Three and a haf years ago he migrated to South Africa. Together with his company SoapboxSA he focuses on helping companies to improve their social impact in Africa. Next to his work, Ruben is a pianist and music fanatic with a deep love for African music and that's exactly why he is our music curator.

BOA stands for Beauty of Africa and 54 stands for the number of countries we have on the continent. Through her vlogs, Hauwa's goal is to represent Africa positively as well as have fun whilst educating her viewers about their uniquely blessed continent. If you do not know anything about Africa, do not be worried, you now know Africa has 54 countries. (gotcha!)

Frederik Rutgers


Apart from being a full time Economics Honours’ student, active youth leader for the AIESEC organisation and YALI student volunteer. Jessica-Debby’s passion for writing is evident in her articles, poetry and short stories. As a regular writer for the Bright Continent; her philanthropic and pulsating persona, promptly enables her to shine her light on the beautiful African Continent.

Izehi Amadasu

 Izehi Amadasu is a writer and an avid reader from Nigeria. She uses her voice to speak about matters of inequality and to raise awareness about Africa. She is also a natural hair enthusiast and encourages  African women to embrace their natural hair. I am from Edo State, Nigeria. 

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