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Tailor-made services in the fields of research, creativity and (visual) content, made in Africa. 

Storytelling & communication

We work with  journalists and editors from all parts of sub-Saharan Africa, who cover current affairs and background stories on request.  Additionally, our writers, columnists and poets are available for specific assignments according to the wishes of our clients. With our large reach on our socials, we can also assist you through features and promotional work. 

Stay informed through the stories, written by contributors from all parts of Africa. 


Research & Planning

With our boots on the ground, the extensive network that we've built, and the (academic) knowledge of our experienced contributors, we are able to thoroughly investigate a wide range of subjects. Outcomes can be shared with our clients through presentations, workshops or policy papers. 

Furthermore, we assist organisations, businesses, media or authorities that are looking for preliminary research, explorations or fixers,


Photography & Exhibitions

As one can see at our Instagram page (weekly reach of over 100.000 accounts), The Bright Continent works with a variety of African photographers and artists who share a glance of sub-Saharan Africa through their eyes. 

Many of our visual creatives can be booked for specific assignments and their work is readily available (framed) to brighten up your interior. In addition, we organise exhibitions that deal with specific themes (on request).  


Events & Workshops

Together with our African partners, we organise events and workshops in both Africa and Europe, in consultation with our clients. Events can be organised in person or (partially) online. 

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