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Rindra Ramasomanana


As a hydraulic engineer and environmentalist, Rindra discovered photography by the end of his studies and this quickly turned into a passion. In 2010 he was selected to participate in the 'Imagine Africa' workshop by World Press Photo with 10 other African photographers. During his return to Madagascar, he made the decision to devote himself to photography entirely, whereafter he produced his first report for the World Press Photo on the theme of food security in the Deep South of Madagascar. In June 2011, he published a photo from this report in National Geographic Magazine. Originality and beauty are the key words that guide his photography.


Flying Harts of Nosy Hao

The Peasant March

Nosy Hao is a small island located seven kilometers from Andavadoaka, a village located on the West Coast of Madagascar. At dawn, fishermen set sail. One has the impression that they are following the path indicated by the heart-shaped clouds. 




When I stopped at this place, located in Manandona (about 200 km south of Antananarivo), I wanted to photograph the sunrise over the rice fields. Then I started to see human forms coming out of the morning fog, that appeared to be women carrying firewood on their heads. It was a magnificent spectacle.

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