Nigeria Decides: Visual Harassment

As a documentary photographer whose work reports on human culture and society, I feel concerned about the increasing rate of environmental pollution caused by the political and social trends in Nigeria.

By: Ayomitunde Adeleke

The images created for this project talk about the campaign activities in Nigeria that pollute the built environment, while at the same time visually harassing people of the city ,through indiscriminate pasting of political campaign materials. Posting of political bills is mostly done by touts and party supporters. As a result, most of the victims whose walls and sign posts have been defaced are afraid to complain for fear of molestation.

Nigerian politics has become a big consumer of outdoor advertisement bills. Also religious activities have been on a very high increase. Most of the streets in Nigerian cities are constantly being riddled with colourful and glossy posters, flyers, pamphlets of political candidates, religious programmes, social events and meetings. The easiest method for political candidates to get themselves known is to put up posters and advertisement bills featuring their faces and these graphics materials are pasted on all available spaces.

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