in West-Africa, cars are given a second life

In this world were all the goods know a short life cycle, it is fascinating to see how these old german pieces of engineering can last for decades, even in the most adverse conditions.

By: Carlos Colturi Esteve

The presence of these cars in western Africa provides the urban landscapes with an original and glamorous touch. The fact that I've also owned a classic Mercedes results in my interest for these automobiles and conversations with the owners, especially when it comes to taxi drivers. During our chat I show them pictures of my old car and automatically a smile is drawn into their faces.

There was a time when the chief engineers-officer had the last word before a car's launch. Now, instead, it is the chief financial officer who decides about the manufacturing of various cars. This makes it even more touching to see how the cars in West-Africa are given a second chance, far far away from their initial homes. 'Because reusing is always better than recycling,' is what most owners tell me.

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