They're messing with the wrong generation

By: Aisha Bada

In the midst of the pandemic, I went out on the streets of Lagos to cover the ongoing protests against police brutality in Lagos.

Youths from across Nigeria are protesting against the violent and corrupted police force called SARS, which stands for 'the Special Anti-Robbery Squad'. This unit is known for the harassments, intimidations and killing of innocent citizens. This has to end according to Nigeria's youth and over the last days, older generations joined them to demand the dismantling of the special police force. Although police officers intimidated protesters and journalists in the first days of the protests, the youth stood tall and carried on with the protests.

The peaceful protests have proven to be successful because soon the national police announced the end of SARS. However, due to the created momentum, protests continue and Nigerians are asking for an overal end of police brutality in their home country. The police and government are clearly messing with the wrong generation.

Here are some pictures from this week's protests in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital:

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