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For a photography project, The Bright Continent is looking for photographers and visual creatives from all parts of Africa.

As you might know, we firmly believe that the genuine lack of in-depth knowledge, as well as the relatively flawed and shortsighted coverage of the African continent, contributes to the world's perception of Africa as ‘hopeless’ and ‘childish'. According to The Bright Continent this contemporary view is vastly outdated.Although we do agree that reputed media around the world tell the truth and nothing but the truth when covering African countries, it isn’t the entire truth. Apparently, as non-African, one is unable to see that tragedy can walk side by side with rapid, unforeseen progress.

Therefore, it’s our ambition to change this existing African narrative from within and create an opportunity for all African nationalities to contribute to a more comprehensive and constructive truth. Although things are changing on the web, still most exhibitions and photography books concerning African affairs, are narrated by white people. In that sense, Africa can be seen as the greatest ghostwriter of all time. This needs to change. Therefore, @thebrightcontinent is calling for photographers across Africa (journalists and writers in a later stage), to join our project and contribute to exhibitions whilst creating a photography book together.


Through this form, please share your portfolio, motivation and pitch with us. For the latter, we ask you to explain how you would portray your country negatively (The Dark Continent) and positively (The Bright Continent) and why you choose for that approach. Be creative! In case of any questions please email to And hey, don’t hesitate for too long because there are only limited spots available. 

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