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Asylum Down, Accra
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Who we are

The Bright Continent is a versatile bureau that works with a wide range of African creatives, varying from journalists and photographers to comedians, poets and youth leaders. We provide them a global stage to showcase their work, share their ideas for the future and inspire positive change. By doing so we aim to accommodate the vastly outdated African narrative to the inimitable developments currently taking place across their continent.


Dutch author and journalist, Daaf Borren, founded The Bright Continent early 2017 when he noticed the relatively flawed and shortsighted coverage of the continent during his work across sub-Saharan Africa. He believes that the western world should talk with, instead of about Africa’s next generation and therefore facilitates the connection between Africa’s youth and the western world. Because today, Africa tells its own story.

What we believe

We firmly believe that the genuine lack of in-depth knowledge, together with the inability to involve Africa’s next generation in policy making and global affairs, contributes to the Western perception of Africa as ‘hopeless.’ Apparently, as non-African, one is unable to see that tragedy is able to walk side by side with innovation and unforeseen progress. 

Taking into account that we should not jump rashly from one-eyed Afro-pessimism to equally one-eyed Afro-optimism, it is The Bright Continent's ambition to strengthen self-confidence among young Africans, inspire more appreciation for the African identity and claim a seat at the world stage for the next generation of African change makers.

What we do

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The Bright Continent builds bridges between the African continent and the western world in various fields. Through tailor-made services in research, communication and (visual) content, developed by creatives throughout the continent, we provide our customers with valuable input and facilitate their work about and across Africa. 


To conclude, The Bright Continent encourages western businesses, organisations and (diplomatic) authorities to reach out and work closely with African creatives, instead of flying in their own people. For more information please look at the services we offer or send us an email.

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