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Today, Africa tells its own story

As non-African, one is unable to see that tragedy is able to walk side by side with rapid, unforeseen progress 

‘The Dark Continent’ is a rather popular term, frequently used to describe Africa with all its poverty, violence, corruption and migration. As the name of this platform already suggests, we kindly disagree.

We firmly believe that the genuine lack of in-depth knowledge, as well as the relatively flawed and shortsighted coverage of the African continent, contributes to the Western perception of Africa as ‘hopeless.’ According to The Bright Continent this contemporary view is vastly outdated and unfounded. Obviously, reputed media tell the truth and nothing but the truth, when they cover stories from the African continent. But not the whole truth.

Apparently, as non-African, one is unable to see that tragedy is able to walk side by side with rapid, unforeseen progress. Further, speaking in broad brushstroke terms about the continent, compromises the incomparable diversity of African cultures and people.

We are here to accommodate the African narrative, to the inimitable developments currently taking place in numerous countries. The African standard of living is rapidly improving and we owe it to the African people to adjust our view to the incredible developments of a mighty continent on a journey towards prosperity.

It is important not to jump rashly from one-eyed Afro-pessimism to an equally one-eyed Afro-optimism  

Then how does The Bright Continent add to the one-sided (negative) truth that normally reaches you? Well, we share constructive background stories and new insights, which aren’t available in the daily newspapers. To be clear, we won’t deny that this approach might affect our neutrality, but we can assure our readers that we constantly strive for objectivity and thoroughly investigate  stories and characters.

On another note, it is deemed important not to jump rashly from one-eyed Afro-pessimism to an equally one-eyed Afro-optimism. Therefore, this online magazine does not function as a ‘good-news-show’, sugarcoating stories with a positive bias. However, we rather build than tear down.

Europe is like a dress rehearsal for heaven 

“Europe is like a dress rehearsal for heaven.” This striking sentence, once shared by a young Ghanaian lady, exposes a widely-shared idea among Africans, of Europe being superior to Africa. According to Africa expert, Richard Dowden, this remarkable way of thinking, is the result of colonial times that destroyed African confidence. It’s our ambition to regain that self-confidence among the African youth and create more appreciation for the African identity.

Without active participation of our readers, we will never be able to create sustainable change and therefore reader mobilization is deemed essential. Additionally, The Bright Continent adheres to the idea of collective knowledge, provided that it is kept on the right track by some reputed experts. Indirectly, this approach proves to be a significant tool in our quest to regain Africa’s self-confidence.

To conclude, we believe in the potential of Africa’s youth, and therefore we offer diverse and talented creators a platform, on which they can express themselves, exchange thoughts and develop their talents. Additionally, we will provide databases, networks and other tools, in order to improve the continent’s ‘fourth estate’ and assist investigative journalists from African origin during their work. Because, we believe in the essential role of press freedom when it comes to sustainable political, economic and social development.

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